Cases in Mohs Reconstruction

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Nasal Reconstruction

This 76-year-old man sought a single-stage repair of a right nostril cancer defect. Pt had already had multiple prior cancer surgeries on his nostril and wanted a simple solution. Dr. Ramachandra performed a nasolabial transposition flap.

Nasal Reconstruction

68 year-old woman with “through and through” defect of the right nasal facet/ala from Mohs resection of a squamous cell cancer. Note the additional defect above this from a basal cell cancer removal. She sought an alternative to paramedian forehead flap, so Dr. Ramachandra performed a two-staged pedicled melolabial flap with composite ear cartilage grafting …

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Nasal reconstruction

This 63-year-old woman underwent belobed flap repair of a left supra-alar basal cell carcinoma.

Cheek Reconstruction

This 77-year-old woman underwent removal of a large melanoma-in-situ of the left cheek. Dr. Ramachandra performed a single-stage submental transpositional flap repair and advancement flap from the temple region. No revision or dermabrasion performed.

Nasal reconstruction

This 73-year-old woman had a 1.4 cm defect from resection of a nasal tip basal cell cancer. Dr. Ramachandra performed a single-staged nasal sidewall advancement flap as well as a full thickness skin graft to the supra-alar region. No revision procedure required.

Nasal Reconstruction

This 78-year-old woman had a large right nasal alar (nostril) defect from Mohs resection of a basal cell carcinoma. To restore the shape and function of her nostril, Dr. Ramachandra performed a two-staged melolabial flap.

Ear Reconstruction

This 64- year-old man underwent Mohs resection of a right ear basal cell carcinoma, resulting in a conspicuous defect. Dr. Ramachandra performed a single-staged Antia-Buch flap reconstruction to re-establish the helical rim.

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