Cases in Mohs Reconstruction

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Nasal Reconstruction

69-year-old woman who underwent paramedian forehead flap reconstruction of a 2 cm nasal tip defect with extension to the internal nasal lining. No revision procedure performed. Pictured pre-operatively and 3 months out from flap inset and division.

Nasal reconstruction

82-year-old woman who underwent nasal skin cancer removal and neck skin grafting with another surgeon. The color and thickness discrepancy would not have improved with time, so she came to Dr. Ramachandra for revision surgery. Dr. Ramachandra performed a left-sided two-staged paramedian forehead flap. Patient is pictured 6 weeks out from stage 2. Please note …

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Lip Reconstruction

83-year-old woman with left upper lip defect from Mohs resection of a basal cell carcinoma.

Nasal Reconstruction

Age: 75 Defect: Mohs resection of a large nasal dorsal basal cell skin cancer Technique: Superiorly Extended Nasal Myocutaneous Island flap

Nasal Reconstruction

Pt age: 70 Defect: Basal Cell Cancer of the Ala/medial cheek removed by Mohs surgery Repair: Two-staged pedicled melolabial flap reconstruction with ear cartilage grafting Revision: None.

Nasal Reconstruction

60-year-old woman with complete loss of alar skin from Mohs resection of a basal cell carcinoma. Dr. Ramachandra performed a two-stage pedicled melolabial flap reconstruction with ear cartilage grafting for alar support. No revision procedure performed.

Ear Reconstruction

58 year old woman with a large skin defect of the superior helix. Dr. Ramachandra reconstructed the defect using a combined post-auricular transposition flap and a full thickness skin graft.

Cheek Reconstruction


73-year-old man underwent Mohs resection of a right cheek basal cell skin cancer. Dr. Ramachandra performed local flap closure. 4-month postoperative result picture.

Nasal reconstruction

This 83-year-old woman presented with a large defect from Mohs resection of a left nasal sidewall basal cell carcinoma. Dr. Ramachandra repaired this via a single-stage crescenteric advancement flap. No scar revision or dermabrasion performed.

Nasal Reconstruction

This 65-year-old woman had a small midline nasal tip defect which Dr. Ramachandra repaired with a single-stage “East-West” flap.

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